Features of i-ONE B2B Stable Coin

Tokens available at inexpensive transfer fee

i-ONE B2B Stable Coin significantly reduces the burden of transfer fees for customers as it supports the Ethereum ERC-20 to cost very low transfer fees. Accordingly, i-ONE B2B Sable Coin can be sent to anywhere in the world without concern about transfer fees.

Opportunities to keep various portfolios & assets at the safe place

i-ONE B2B Stable Coin can be purchased, sold and traded easily and quickly. For this reason, it can prove the reasons why it provides a powerful additional function to the current customer portfolios of cryptocurrency.

Safe ownership of gold

100% of the purchased i-ONE B2B Stable Coin is covered in real gold. Taking this in mind, the total amount of i-ONE B2B Stable Coin in circulation can be identified through the Ethereum Block Explorer. The amount is same as the actual value of gold purchased on behalf of consumers and stored in the vaults at the Barclays Bank, the Deutsche Bank and the HSBC Bank. Users can check the audit reports from the Barclays Bank, the Deutsche Bank, and the HSBC Bank by which they can conduct actual inspections. As such, third-party audit reports are issued quarterly to confirm the value of gold in storage.

High liquidity of i-ONE B2B Stable Coin

i-ONE B2B Stable Coin guarantees high liquidity because the coin issuer, i-ONE B2B Stable Coin Limited, acts as the liquidity supplier. Users can purchase and sell large quantities of coins immediately through the markets of i-ONE B2B Stable Coin or partner exchanges.

Individual's experience of gold ownership

As mentioned briefly above, users must surely disclose their personal information if they want to deal with physical gold because they are supposed to comply with their national regulatory system. However, people have become more sensitive about their personal information due to lack of the universality in the standardization which should be backed up for the vast collection of data. i-ONE B2B Stable Coin allows physical possession of gold while keeping personal information undisclosed.

Guarantee of long life for the gold purchased

Most financial experts agree that gold has a much longer life span than that of human being. This conclusion is supported by "Lindy Effect," a concept to explain how the future life of an asset is proportional to the current age. As the trend of gold continues for thousands of years, precious metals can maintain the relevance for many years to come.