Key Announcements

i-ONE  x  Exchange

Stable gold coin 'i-ONE coin" will be able to freely trade in won through the exchange January 14 on the virtual asset exchange.'

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Tokens available at inexpensive transfer fee

i-ONE B2B Stable Coin significantly reduces the burden of transfer fees for customers as it supports the Ethereum ERC-20 to cost very low transfer fees.

Safe ownership of gold

Using i-ONE B2B Stable Coin, customers purchase the coverage as the actual gold stored in the safe vaults of the Barclays Bank, the Deutsche Bank and the HSBC Bank.

Individual's experience of gold ownership

i-ONE B2B Stable Coin allows physical possession of gold while keeping personal information undisclosed.


Customer Support

Users with difficulties when using the i-ONE B2B Stable Coin can easily contact with the customer support team of i-ONE B2B Stable Coin. 24/7/365 service support is provided, and the team consists of several experienced chief staffs. Telephone support is available Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 6 PM (GMT +9) and you can also communicate via email with the i-ONE B2B Stable Coin team.




2021yr Q1

Collaboration with global
blockchain projects
Expanding IONE Exchange Listing (2nd)
Luxury duty-free shopping mall opening


2021yr Q2

Expanding IONE Exchange Listing (3rd)
Open Healthcare/Medical Platform


2021yr Q3

G-POINT One Platform Service
Launch Global Marketing Campaign